Call for Papers

Submission Schedule
・ October 13, 2015 Application starts
March 7, 2016
Extended to March 14, 23:59 JST
Application deadline
・ April 2016 Notification of selected applicants
Instruction for Oral/Poster presentations
Oral / poster contribution
Standard oral papers will consist of 15 min. talks, with 5 min. for questions. When submitting, you may choose 1) abstracts to be considered for oral presentations, 2) abstracts for poster presentation. Abstracts that are not chosen for 1) standard oral
papers may be considered for poster presentations.
Please choose one from the subject area below when submitting your abstract:
01: Application and Popularization of Health Information Management
02: Universal Health Coverage [UHC] (including Case Mix, DRG, etc.)
03: Health informatics (including Electrical Health Record)
04: Education of health information manager (including training of management leaders)
05: Other
・ Abstracts
Abstract should be between 200-400 words, in English.
・ Notes on application
For the case of incorrect information on application form, or violation of our regulations during Congress period, we may cancel our support to the subjected participant.
・ Qualification requirements
Presenters should be involved in Health Information Management.
・ Full paper submission
Presenters of accepted abstracts are requested to submit their full papers and bring them on USB on the day of the Congress. The full paper may be translated in Japanese and be published as proceedings. Author's copyrights will remain in properties of The 18th IFHIMA International Congress Tokyo 2016 Organizing Committee.

*Please note*
Please refrain from using characters such as “ α, β, γ ” as symbols (1-byte character), since they are automatically transformed into “a, b, c,” etc.
Please make sure to use HTML tags.
In the title and the main text of abstract, superscript, subscript, italic face, bold face, and underline are available, only if the following html tags are inserted.
Tags to use superscript, subscript, italic face, bold face, underline, or line feed are, <SUP></SUP>, <SUB></SUB>, <I></I>, <B></B>, <U></U>, and <BR>.
They must be written in 1 byte characters.
Please click here for more details.

To submit a paper, please click the Submit button below.
Submission closed. Thank you.

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